There is always something to see around our Mountain Cottage. Summer is in full swing here and nature has come to bloom, from our roses in the garden to the nearby trees and bushes along the forest paths. While returing from Sarajevo, I made a short visit here and took these images that follow. 

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I love taking hikes in the woods around this place. Not only is it calming and relaxing, but there is also a lot to see. And no matter how many times I take images from certains spots, nature keeps shifting and the images always turn out a little bit different. 

Little Div is not so little anymore. He has grown into a big lovable labrador, and Beni likes to play with him a lot. They quickly became good friends.

The many roses that have sprung in our garden are what fascinated me the most on this day. All of these shots reminded me how beautiful these flowers are. There is a great variaty to be found.

Have a great Sunday and thank you for visiting.

I am currently on my summer vacation (and making lots of new images for a whole new summer travel series!). I will be home soon, and before then I'll post some On Location images. Will catch up on your blogs as soon as I'm back!


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