Phantasialand (Part Two) Phantasialand (Part Two)

More images from a wonderful theme-park.

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11:48 PM

Phantasialand (Part One) Phantasialand (Part One)

Phantasialand is a theme park located 20 kilometers away from Cologne. It was a very special and fun day we spent there. From low-key attrac...

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9:55 AM

Sights from the river Rhine Sights from the river Rhine

Cologne has enchanted us with its sights and views. These images were taken after the visit to the cathedral, on the Cologne Traingle, a si...

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12:34 PM

The Cologne Cathedral The Cologne Cathedral

One of the most memorable cultural sights in Cologne is the Cologne cathedral. Construction started in the 13th century and it took a couple...

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12:38 PM

Modern Cologne Modern Cologne

Here are some images of Modern Cologne. We visited Cologne in December of 2012. And while the main draw of the city is its old churches and ...

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12:29 PM