Lizzie Lizzie

A few weekends ago I finally managed to convince my sister to model for me for the first time in years, and it pains me to say this, but I h...

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2:47 AM

Blustery Blustery

Not the most interesting series of self-portraits, but this year I'm trying to a bit more relaxed about what I post online as I think be...

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6:26 AM

Photo day with Amber-Rose Smith Photo day with Amber-Rose Smith

Back in September I met up with the lovely photographer and good friend of mine Amber Smith for a photo day, much like I did with Kitty a f...

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7:05 AM

Haze Haze

Just a quick series of self-portraits shot in this morning's beautiful light. I am so excited for spring to arrive and for the sun to co...

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3:40 AM