Snow Snow

After all the snowfall we've had recently, I couldn't resist going out to take some self-portraits in the snow. It was far too cold ...

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6:39 AM

Thirst for Vision editorial Thirst for Vision editorial

Back at the start of November I shot my first ever fashion editorial, a knitwear-themed series for online magazine Thirst for Vision. I woke...

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1:37 AM

Photo day with Kitty Gallannaugh Photo day with Kitty Gallannaugh

Last month I finally managed to get into London to meet the super-talented Kitty Gallannaugh for the first time for a nerdy photo day! We v...

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6:07 AM

Continued frost Continued frost

Sorry to spam you all with personal work but the frost we have had over the last couple of days has been too beautiful not to photograph!

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3:55 AM

Frostbite Frostbite

Just a bit of personal work shot this morning, the frost is beautiful!

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2:01 AM