Mary Jo Mary Jo

A few weeks back, I found out I had the opportunity to go up to Manchester for a day and decided it would be a great opportunity to fit in a...

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2:42 AM

Arrival of Spring [Video inside] Arrival of Spring [Video inside]

Here is a video with some of the images I have been previously posting on my blog. Hope you will like it. More new images are coming soon. M...

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3:45 PM

Pink Blossom Pink Blossom
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6:53 AM

Pravins jewellers - pt 1 Pravins jewellers - pt 1

In the last half of last year I worked on my favourite client job to date - a three day lifestyle campaign for Pravins the jewellers. The a...

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2:47 AM

Colorful Colorful
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11:37 AM

Countryside in close-up Countryside in close-up

Often we don't pay attention to the little things. And sometimes it's the familiar that can offer the strangest sights. The tree yo...

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7:04 AM

Photo day with Suzy Wimbourne Photo day with Suzy Wimbourne

Back in February I met up with the lovely Suzy - we started talking on Flickr forever ago and when she told me she was coming down south to ...

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2:59 AM

Constructive criticism vs positive reinforcement Constructive criticism vs positive reinforcement

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about the two types of feedback, and after reading a few articles I've come to real...

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4:07 AM