Two Office Panoramas Two Office Panoramas

click on the images for a bigger view I was doing a shoot for our official business website, and wanted to share the two images that I'l...

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10:44 AM

Sunday self-portraits Sunday self-portraits

Just a few self-portraits shot on a whim yesterday - I couldn't resist the wonderful weather! I'm slowly discovering more and more l...

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6:22 AM

Take a look Behind the Scenes of Mersad Donko Photography Take a look Behind the Scenes of Mersad Donko Photography

Take a look behind the scenes of our "The Golden Hour" photo session in this video. You can see the reflector we built on spot and...

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6:46 AM

Scotland through Instagram Scotland through Instagram

I'm yet to make a start on the "proper" pictures I shot whilst on holiday as I'm busy retouching shoots from the last few ...

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4:04 AM

Caitlin Caitlin

Just before I went away, I managed to fit in a test - just something simple, nothing crazy with the styling and no make up artist, back to b...

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3:52 AM

2-minute shoot 2-minute shoot

Last week on a client shoot I got the opportunity to work with a male model for something like the second time in my entire career - crazy, ...

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2:56 AM

Amy Amy

I'd been absolutely dying to do a pastel-themed shoot since about March time, and had planned all the styling by April, but sadly had to...

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1:45 AM