Twenty-eleven Twenty-eleven

2011 has been a great year. I've met and had the honour of collaborating with and getting to know some truly wonderful people, graduated...

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4:11 AM

Fog Fog

A few weekends back, I woke up to find the most beautiful fog I'd ever seen outside my bedroom window, so the most natural thing to do w...

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3:05 AM

Jaymie Jaymie

Two weeks back I collaborated with Siobhan again on a test with the gorgeous Jaymie. I've absolutely fallen in love with her look and am...

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3:03 AM

Collaboration with Katie Eleanor Collaboration with Katie Eleanor

Just over two weeks ago a shoot came about that I've been dying to do for months - a collaboration with the crazy talented Katie Eleanor...

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1:51 AM

Katie Katie

A few portraits of the beautiful Katie, taken a few weeks back on a wonderful day spent in London catching up. We also met up last Friday to...

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3:26 AM

Amber Amber

A few weeks ago the lovely Amber came over to my house for a good old catch up (and of course, to take pictures too!), and although the weat...

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3:11 AM

Ellis Ellis

In September I met up with the gorgeous Ellie for our annual catch up and shoot. We've known each other for years, and ever since I star...

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2:41 AM