Apologies for taking forever to write this blog post - I moved back from London about a week ago (probably more, I'm losing track of the days!) and I am still unpacking all of my things.

The exhibition went really, really well and I was shocked at the amount of people that turned up - I couldn't put a number on it but there seemed to be about 10 times as many people there than I imagined there would be! The best part of it for me was finally being able to see the work that my classmates want to shoot and specialise in, as before now I'd only seen the work that people submitted for the projects.

Here was my display:

I was so, so chuffed with how the prints came out, I would definitely recommend Digilab London to anyone looking to get exhibition work printed! The print on the left is a 36x24" canvas, and the smaller prints are crystal archive mounted onto foamcore.

I also used Blurb.com to make a portfolio book that was placed beneath my prints - it took forever but it was definitely worth it! At some point I'll do a video of the book being leafed through if anybody is interested :)

The preparation took forever and I let it stress me out far too much than it should have done - but it was definitely worth it in the end and I think I've learnt an important lesson to try and not worry about things as much.


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