I'd been absolutely dying to do a pastel-themed shoot since about March time, and had planned all the styling by April, but sadly had to postpone it due to this year's terrible weather. So as a result this shoot was a super long time coming, and by the time it came around I was ridiculously excited to get started and finally create the pictures I saw in my head!

The lovely Lily from Red Brick Lipstick came along to assist and Siobhan worked her amazing make up magic which fit into the shoot seamlessly as always - working with people you get on with so well really does make a difference so I can't thank them enough for their hard work ♥

Model: Amy Verdon @ Profile
Make up: Siobhan Drew
Assistant: Lily Fulvio-Mason
Styling: Myself

I absolutely love the behind the scenes pictures from the day - all thanks to Instagram and Siobhan and Lily's keen eyes for picking wonderful moments! Follow them over at @lilyfmason @siobhandrew ♥


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