Kovaci is the main cemetery for soldiers from the Bosnian Army who were killed during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina (April 1992 - December 1995). The majority of the people buried here were killed during the siege of Sarajevo.

Besides that, the cemetery today is a war memorial and houses a small war museum right next to it.

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Around the main site, you will find very old gravestones, dating back to the 16th century.

The hills around the city of Sarajevo host many muslim cemeteries where victims of the siege are buried.

It was a tragic time in our history, now dating almost 20 years back since it ended. Much happier sights can be seen in Sarajevo, when you follow the streets down the hills where the cemetery is located. After a 5 minute walk, you will enter the old town of Sarajevo, called Bascarsija. But more on that another time.


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