The island of Hvar is located in the central Dalmatian archipelago and is the longest Croatian island. Because of its extremely mild climate, beautiful nature and many cultural and historical sites, it was even named one of the 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in the world (by National Geographic magazine "The Traveler").

For today's post I want to share some of my own images from this island, that has amazing coasts and beaches, both natural and man-made.

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You arrive to this island by a ferry boat. On the east tip of the island a small village greets you called Sucuraj. The furthest point of the coast houses a lighthouse. I love lighthouses and I had to take this first shot from the ferry as we were arriving.

The Lighthouse is surrounded on three sides by the sea and surrounded by rugged, low, rocky coast, a few meters from the sea. Lighthouse is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature, clean water and peace away from the stress and crowds. It was built in 1889. It consists of a square stone tower and a building which includes a ground floor and attic.

Traveling further west on the island, you quickly get to the main destination of Hvar, which the old town that is also called Hvar (same as the island). The most iconic beach from Hvar is this next one, with luxurious restaurants, private spots and dressing rooms.

There is much to see in the lovely old town of Hvar as well. The houses are built right along the coastline and actually make up a big part of it.

The water is very clean and fresh here, because of the current, that never lets the same seawater stand to long in the bay.

Our hotel had a very nice pool that was overlooking the coast.

And for some luxury, a private tent can be rented for the day or for a couple of hours.

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Hvar!

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