I have to admit this right away: I love trains and anything related to the railway. And while these images that follow don't include trains, they do feature railroad shots, taken during sunset. I hope you will enjoy them.

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This is part of the railroad leading up north to Mostar and the capital city Sarajevo. From where I took the photo, you'll need about 20 minutes to reach Mostar and a good 3 hours to Sarajevo.

The fields surrounding the railroad. The sun was just setting.

Another view of the track, that leads south to the sea side into Croatia.

As the sun was fading away I took this moodier version of the view before. Even though I liked taking these shots, standing close to the tracks in person always unsettles me. So I quickly finished up and departed this location.

Do you like trains? If not, what is your favorite means of transportation?


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