The visit to the Fortress of King Herceg Stjepan concludes in this final part. We discovered a small closed-off part of the fortress, where once guards used to stand in and take watch over the surroundings. After that we made our way back home.

This Series Includes:

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This is the view from the lookout.

I like this soft grass growing down the fortress, and the little red dots punctuating it.

This is the south side of the fortress. Along these walls, a path can be found which leads you back out of it.

The day was slowly giving away and darkness came rushing in. These were the last images that I took before dusk.

This is the entrance through which we came in in part one. You can see a bit of the narrow path beginning after the doorway.

A look at the path on our way back. Getting down was of course much easier, then climbing up.

In this image you can see the road that we followed up, when we took the wrong turn, and at the bottom the path we should have taken. In this image it looks very clear, but...

... in this one, taken from the road down below, it's quite hard to notice that there is a path on this hill.

This concludes out adventure on the hills over Blagaj, and our visit to the old fortification of King Herceg Stjepan. It was one of those nearby destination I never visited before, and had on my to-do list for a very long time. I'm glad to have finally made the journey and I'm happy with the photo results this trip yielded. I hope you enjoyed it too.


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