It is the first of December, and the days have been getting colder and colder, as winter is knocking on our doors. It's the time of the year when the lights go out fast, and long nights permeate the surroundings. In our neck of the woods, strong winds from the north are added to that, and they create the sounds of winter and tranquility.

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The Herceg Stjepan Fortress in the distance of the valley

There is something serene in these moments, like yesterday, when my cousins and I took a hike to the nearby located Fortress of the mid-century king Herceg Stjepan. I will post a three-part series about our adventure soon, but right now I wanted to take it all in. Winter can be snow filled, or bare and cold, but still, even in this season there is beauty to be discovered. Just because something is transforming it doesn't mean that it will ultimately turn out to be bad. And there is of course the promise of spring that winter brings with it.

This is my 500th post, and also 5 years of blogging. I like to look back at the older posts from time to time, and see not only how far I have come, but also what milestones happened along the way. If you like you can click on the sidebar and view the old posts from 2008, or simply click here.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I like the blogger friends I have discovered and I love visiting all your blogs and see how your lives are, go on and change. To another five years...


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