Our stay on the hills continue, as we march our way into the fortress. Judging from the outside the fortress is very well kept and in shape, but once you enter, different views greet you. Still, it's one of the biggest fortifications in this region, and it's very impressive to stand inside of it.

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I doubt that this was the main entrance during the days when this fortress was filled with life, but now the only path up the hill leads to this opening in the walls.

The entrance is very narrow and secluded, offers shelter and a somewhat in tact inner structure.

But once you pass through the entrance the inside of the fortress becomes visible.

The central part is missing all of the walls that made out the fortress, and you can really get the scope of how big this place used to be.

The fortress is located on a cliff, and If you climb the outer walls (which I did, even though I don't like heights), a wonderful view of the valley presents itself. (Can you manage to spot my parked red car in the image below?)

Even though destroyed by time, the walls are still a very impressive sight.

A portrait on the edge.

But this inner part is not the only part that remained. In the back of the next image you will see steps that lead into a higher part of the fortress.

We climbed it, and the views from up there are equally mesmerizing.

I shot some video footage too (will also be uploaded and posted), and as we made out way back we noticed a couple of spots inside, that we missed. But more on those parts of the fortress and of the sights on out way back, in the final third part. Thanks for watching and reading!


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