These images were taken during late summer last year, but I never got around to post them. They show our visit to the old town of Blagaj, that is located just a couple of miles south from Mostar. We spent a whole afternoon there, and really enjoyed the sights. We chose a time of day, when the place is not crowded. In fact, there were almost no people there at all when we visited, which made the stay even more enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy these warm and colorful images from our visit.

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A look up at the upper deck of the restaurant in which we visited, with the cliffs of behind it.

Beni was of course there with us as well.

A look at the spring of the river Buna, which emerges out of the caves.

If you come here in the afternoon, you will have the whole place pretty much to yourself. Of course this was late summer. During the middle of the summer season, Blagaj is filled with tourists and visitors.

My view west, as the river Buna travels its last part of her journey to the river Neretva, only 2 miles from here.

A look up at the cliffs.

You can enjoy your lunch or dinner right beside the water, which during the hot summer months is a life saver.

Our afternoon visit, comes to an end, as we depart back for Mostar.

Blagaj is on my list of 5 Best Places to visit in Herzegovina. I hope these images, that detail the place a bit more, prove that it's worthy to be included there.
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