I love lazy weekends, but then again who doesn't. On the other side, it's the time in the week when you have to get chores done, things cleaned and simply prepare for the new work week that's ahead. Winter is still in full swing here. Days are cold and our garden has been beaten down by the constant low temperatures and ice. In that regard I can't wait for spring to show it's head, so that my dad and I can start planting again. Since I haven't done a home and garden update in a while, I thought to share some random images from our home today. I hope you will enjoy these.

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Bare trees and cut of branches: the flowers and plants in the garden are in their winter sleep.

Beni seems to be the only one that is enjoying the garden these days. :)

 The trees in the garden have been tented and are thus shielded from the cold days and wind.

This next shot was spontaneous, so it's not technically perfect, but you get the idea of what we have to deal with on a regular basis here :) You can sense the amount of mud and dirt that Beni tracks into the house. But we let him have his fun! :)

I have been rewatching Lost, and since I'm still on the first season, I have some more time to enjoy it again.

Of course there is the Perfect Weekend Breakfast (for me at least) with my Sunny Morning Fruit Cocktail on the side. Yummy. And while we're on the subject of food, check back for the next post, which will be a new recipe.

What do Sundays look like in your corners of the world?


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