As we wind down towards Christmas, I really wanted to make a commitment to just organise things and take some portraits for no reason at all than just for fun. So my next few posts will focus on just that - meeting up with friends and shooting!

Maria and I have been well overdue a catchup since we last met, and a little morning shoot in my new home was the perfect way to do it. Over mince pies and coffee, we talked at length about photography, cats, life, and everything else.

Maria is such an inspiration to me. She has achieved so many things (a PHD, a fascinating TEDx talk and successful photography business to name a few!) and the whole day just left me feeling so inspired and motivated to push myself and my business further than ever before. Hearing about other peoples' lives, inspirations and passions has always been a great love of mine, and being able to do this every day through portraiture makes me so happy I could burst.


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