As I have mentioned in my Halloween post, I have an announcement. That's why I'm breaking the pattern of the Budapest visit posts. While in Budapest I bought a new Camera, and it's the Full Frame Canon 6D. There are a couple of reasons why I'm talking about this.

First, the images from this point on (including the rest of the Budapest images) will be from the new Camera, so I wanted to let everyone know, that the quality will be even better.

But also, I wanted to talk about photo gear itself. I have never talked about the gear I have and take photos with, because I'm a firm believer (and still are), that It really doesn't matter what equipment you have. If you have "the eye" for shots, your talent will be able to show through. Does a good camera help you in that: yes; is it absolutely necessary: no!

I have been using a Canon 350D for the longest time, and have reached a point where I grew as a photographer and needed to take that extra step further with the Canon 6D, which is a fully professional camera. And that's really the only reason for the upgrade. 

I'm still discovering the many new features of the camera and did some test shots, once I got it. The 6D is praised for being great in low light, so that's why there is less light in these test shots, since I wanted to try it out.

Here is a shot from our apartment in Budapest during our stay. I deliberately turned off the lights in the hallway, and the camera managed to get all the details.

This next shot really shows the strength of the camera. A subject (the metro) is moving at great speed behind another subject, and the camera really did manage to focus on my sister in a split second, and still get great focus. This way I'm able to do shots, I wasn't really being able to do before,

The Canon 6D is also known as a good HD video camera. I did some test shots with it too, and I'm really amazed at the high quality HD footage it yields.

Test Footage: Coca Cola

Test Footage: Budapest at night

Test Footage: Metro

I hope you'll like the improved quality, and that you are looking forward to the next parts of our Budapest stay, called "A Night in Budapest", that include some of the best night photography I have done to this date.


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