There is this spot in these mountains. I remember it well. It's the place where the village ends and pure wilderness starts. The sights from there remind me that there is so much unknown in the world. It is the ultimate destination of our hike in the foothills of mountain Prenj.

And as our hike continues, we actually approach the mountain closer, leave the village behind and step into the wilderness.

This is a two part series:
Part One: In the Foothills of Mountain Prenj
Part Two: In the Foothills of Mountain Prenj

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What we leave behind...

It's interesting to think about what we leave behind. Maybe we don't really consciously make a note when there is a spot on the wall, or a cracked window, but over time these things accumulate and you are left with a place where life once was, but also a place that shows the history behind it. We spotted this really old house along the path, and I had to take a couple of shots of it.

I can't even imagine how old it is, but judging by the look of the walls, windows and doors, very old. The house is smaller then the rest in the village, clearly showing it's age.

I love the narrow entrance. If you were to enter the place you would actually have to duck down in order to pass. Yet, there is a red house number painted on the side, though I clearly doubt anyone is receiving mail here.

A wider shot of the east side of the house:

Point of no return

This is the spot I mentioned earlier. A narrow path leads downhill to the last remaining house, that is hiding in the woods. From there on the road subsides to an even smaller path that leads to the spring of the river Sanica, that is flowing along side it. Here you get the best wide view of this side of Prenj, and on this moody day, some freshly fallen snow greeted us from the peaks.

We had some fun here and goofed around. Div was in the mood to be petted, and Beni had a jealousy fit over it. So love had to be shared here, which wasn't a problem though. It was very cold, as if the chill from the snow had transported to this place where we stood on. So keeping busy was a good way to stay warm.

Then the winds came, and amplified the cold. This also meant that it was time to return to our car which we had parked a mile away.

Next shot: Two friends enjoying their time together. Nothing better then that.


Another spot I really like is this next one. The lone house is sitting in the valley, while the grim, snow covered mountains, are looking down on it. The sense of isolation is very strong here, even though Sanica is a village where people live, and you won't be alone for long. I could only imagine the sights in spring here.

Keeping On

At the end we crossed a small bridge in front of our cottage, where we had parked the car. The cold was reflected in the chilly blue of the river Sanica (the village is named after this river). Being a mountain river, the stream is always busy, endlessly rushing along...

Even though this two parter was stripped of much color, that would be there otherwise in spring, I still hope you have enjoyed these rugged winter sights.


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