Summer is in full swing all around the northern hemisphere, and while summer brings with it common sights and feelings, it's just not the same summer everywhere. That's why I decided to showcase some typical summer scenes from Southeast Europe, specifically the Balkan region. I have put together a set of images that will take us from Slovenia in the northwest, all the way to Greece in the far southeast, displayed in no particular order.

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1. Sailing into Summer

Sibenik, Croatia

2. Midday in the Old Town

Perast, Montenegro

3. A Cool Summer Evening

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

4. A view to the other Side

Podvelez, Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Last Ferry

Orebic, Croatia

6. Lost inside

Korcula, Croatia

7. Point of no return

Hvar, Croatia

8. A Morning Coffee

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

9. Sunset Cruise

Adriatic Sea

10. A Hidden Getaway

Donji Vakuf, Bosnia and Herzegovina

11. Rusty Remains

Navagio Beach, Greece

12. Along the River Stream

Semisnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

13. Sunset over the mountains

Prozor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

14. Island Jewel

Bled, Slovenia

15. Mountain Cottages

Sanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I hope you enjoyed these sights from my corners of the world.
How is summer treating you?


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