Old towns along the Adriatc coastline, like Hvar, Dubrovnik, Korcula, have their curiosities when it comes to architecture. The Mediterranean influence on buildings is certainly there, and it's infused with medieval inspiration and broad strokes of the necessities that life in these parts of the world brings with it. The old town of Sibenik as well as its area hold wonderful examples of that. I visited Sibenik three years in a row now, this year I won't be going back, but I decided to collect some curious and striking images of entrances, alleys and paths.

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This entrance, in the image above, used to be a functioning door of the church behind it, but over time, as the city got reconstructed, they were literally left hanging in the air.

 Walking down these paths you feel the history creeping up on you. The sense of wonder can be overwhelming. There is just so much to see here. So many lives crammed into one tiny spot.

From here on we are in the Fortress of St. Nikola in Zablace, which is a very old fortification, still open for visitors. Many entrances and paths can be found here.

I love this last shot of the light hitting the other wall, creating a reflection as well as an illusion of a second door. Somehow it best represents the mystique of the architecture that is found here.

I hope you enjoyed these somewhat unusual sights. Have a great weekend ahead, and let me know what you think of these in the comments below.


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