As I have already written in my previous post, the full moon that was hovering above the city was calling out to me. So my sister, Beni and I packed up the photo gear and around 8 o'clock in the evening drove up the local mountain slopes. On top, almost mysterious sights greeted us. As the sun was setting and night started to approach the most vivid colors could be seen in the sky. At some points I didn't even know where to turn my camera.

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How to get here:

In order to get here you need to divert from the main M-17 route that goes through Mostar and drive to the lookout spot "Fortica" from which you continue driving to these plains, sometimes known as "Podvelezje", meaning "At the foot of the mountain Velez". Roads here are few and narrow. They pierce through the stony hills and make their way over the valley all the way to the foot of even bigger mountains.

The shots above and below where the last ones I took while some light from the sunset was still in the sky. After this we drove further inland and during that time dusk started approaching, and a heavy blue color was dominating the sky.

We spotted some trees on the side of the road, that were ideal for some more shots, since they added much needed subjects until the star of the show, the full moon, was close by.

Night here almost doesn't seem like night. It's as if the color stay in the sky much longer then in the city. And you can see that there is darkness in the valley below the mountains, but here blue and pink hues were still there. As we drove further the moon showed itself finally. It was high above a mountain village. I parked my car again, and set up my tripod to take the photo.

Turning around I had this gorgeous sight in front of me. The trees through which I peaked out to the moon previously were now back lit by the colors in the sky.

As night approached fully here, we returned back home, but not before I set up my camera a couple of times more. I took multiple exposures in order to get some details in the full moon, and later on combined the two exposures in Photoshop. I think you get a very surreal look that way, but also (in a strange way) a very realistic shot, since this is how I saw the landscape with my naked eye.

We drove back into the valley of Mostar, and a night in the mountains came to its end.


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