This past weekend we made a quick trip to our cottage at the foothills of mountain Prenj. Because of the heat, we arrived after the sun had started to set, but I still managed to get some images of the surroundings, and even a couple of shots from a place here, that I hadn't shown you previously. 

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Our neighbors dog, Div, was also there. I caught him in the act of "watering" the plants.

After sunset, it gets cooler here, so you can enjoy your time out.

Nature is in full bloom here and there are lots of interesting plants here to shoot.

Of course the dogs are having the most fun.

There is a wooden bridge here, that crosses the small river Sanica. We went towards it to take some photos.

Surrounded by the trees, this small spot offers much shelter and interesting foliage. You can look down below onto the river and the many rocks of the river bed.

Beni was not as brave in crossing the bridge (and actually I can't fault him, it seems not too stable), but Div did cross it.

Beni enjoyed the garden and the water stream near the house. Here he cooled down and gave me more work in cleaning him up for the car ride back...


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