We are finishing off our Zagreb travel series with one final set of nighttime images. This is the second "A Night in Zagreb" part and the third post overall from Croatia's capital city. I made good use of the Canon 6D once again when it came to night photography. After having escaped the narrow streets and walls of the Stone Gate from the previous part, we found ourselves discovering the more upbeat side of Zagreb's nightlife.

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Back on the Tkalciceva Street

We had dinner in this street previously in the restaurant called Nokturno, which had some really great food. You can go for desert to the Cookie Factory located a couple of steps away from this restaurant. This street is very much alive at night just as it is during the day.

The Ban Jelacic Square at Night

You will find most tourists and local people on the Ban Jelacic Square at night. Not only is it a hub for public transport, but it is also a focal point for many other journeys through Zagreb. Somehow, no matter what street you choose to walk through, you will end up in this nucleus. So why not start right here and have it as a base point. We certainly did. At night the square is lit up gorgeously. A must visit nearby is the gelateria and bakery "Aida".

Discoveries in the Night

From the Ban Jelacic Square we moved on in out nightly discovery. I love these narrow streets of the older part of the city. Even though you are basically marching into darkness, the lightning makes it so inviting. At some points I really didn't know where to turn my camera to take the next shot.

The images above and below were taken on the St. Mark's Square. I love the orange hues here that you get from the lights. And there is nothing wrong with my white balance here, the streets really do look this way when you walk through them.

As the Nightlife finds its end...

Tired from all the walking and the heat we had on this summers night, we eventually decide to go back to our apartment. We find this small square and I take some shots of the girls and we then move on to the nearby parking garage where we had left the car.

As we depart the city is still awake, and people are moving down the various streets like the life force that pumps the blood through our veins. Zagreb has enchanted with its rustic charm, modern sides and welcoming atmosphere overall. If you are planing a visit to the more prominent coastal cities of the Adriatic Sea, make sure to stop for one night in Zagreb. You will not regret it.

The End


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