UPDATE: Here is the post from last year, with the images taken in Krapanj last summer. As you'll notice we took them much earlier and they are more filled with sunshine. I am glad that they are so different, because it means that I haven't repeated myself. Definitely check them out for a glimpse into the life on this island during a sunnier time.

And we continue our stay on Krapanj. This is the final part of the images from this place. When we come back in the next post we'll visit the National Nature Resort Krka. So stay tuned for more.
This is a multi-part series from our vacation, other parts include:
Part One: Lost on the Island (Part One)
Part Two: Lost on the Island (Part Two)
Part Three: Old Town of Sibenik and Cathedral
Part Four: Visiting the Fortress of St. Nikola
Part Five: Ocean Sunset
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