I hope that summer is off to a good start in your corners of the world (at least in the northern hemisphere). Recently I showed you the beaches and shores of the island Hvar in Croatia, and I wanted to stay a little bit longer on the Adriatic sea. In this new series, that is starting on Monday, I will be showing you the small town of Korcula, that is located on the same named island, a couple of miles southeast from Hvar.

click on the images for a bigger view

You can see Korcula on this map (as well as the island Hvar above it). In the right upper corner, you will spot Mostar, the city where I live.

With Korcula being located on an island, the main form of transportation is by ferry boats, which I love.

See you tomorrow for the first part. I'll go back to finishing up with the editing! Have a great Sunday.


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