It's time to venture out again. Welcome to a new summer photo series, that will take us to a very special island located in the Adriatic Sea named Korcula. The island is not very big, but it is still a very popular tourist destination. I have been visiting Korcula with my family since 1999 when I was still a kid, and have been back here several times as an adult. 

There is so much to discover on this island. From small bays, secluded villages and of course the main town that is named after the island itself: Korcula. We will be visiting this old town in the second part. At the beginning of this three-part series I want to start with the travel to the island.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Travel to the Island
Part Two: Inside the Old Town of Korcula
Part Three: Sunset Cruise around the Island

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Korcula is linked to the mainland by a regular ferry boat, that runs between Domince, just outside of Korcula Town and Orebic. There are two ways to reach Orebic from the mainland, one by driving through the peninsula of Peljesac and the second by taking another ferry boat ride from Ploce and then driving a couple of minutes to Orebic.

It's not a huge ferry boat, like others that can be seen on the Adriatic coast, but it only takes 25 minutes to reach Korcula, which makes this a short and regularly scheduled ride.

The view of the bay from Orebic is really fantastic. You can see small island dotted throughout the blue seawater. Can you spot the small island in this next image? I will show it to you later in this post, but more closely.

A view of the Orebic bay. The ferry boat is docked and cars are entering.

Through the last rays of the sun on that summer day, the ferry rides off to Korcula.

There are numerous other local ferry services including one linking Vela Luka and Lastovo, that are other small towns on the island of Korcula.

The next two photos, show that small island I was talking to you about earlier. The sun was set, and very unusual colors were looming over the sky, creating a serene moment.

After a short ferry ride, we arrive in the bay of the town Korcula. Some tourists are enjoying the view from the far end of the coast. We depart the ferry and head off to the town...

End of Part One
To be continued...

In part two I will show you the old town of Korcula during a sunset visit. There is really a lot to see. I will leave you with a small preview down below. See you on Wednesday for part two.


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