Come aboard, it's time for a sunset cruise! In this last part of the travel series to the island Korcula, I will show you some images I took while on a cruise around Korcula. As the sun was setting, the most glorious light punctured the buildings of the old town and the surroundings. Having a great vantage point from the ship, I took as many photos as I could. I hope you will enjoy them.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Travel to the Island
Part Two: Inside the Old Town of Korcula
Part Three: Sunset Cruise around the Island

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The cruise began in Orebic, a small town on the other side of the canal. As we were departing from the bay, the sun was already setting, and I was afraid that the sunset light would diminish by the time we reached Korcula.

It's quite enjoyable to stand on the side of the ship and just look into the distance. I love the hills of the island in the background, and how they are lit in various shades of green.

We made it tot he old town. While the backside of it was already enjoying the afterglow of the sunset, the other side, to which we were traveling, proved to be a very welcome sight.

It's a small town, as I said previously. When the sun starts to set, people mostly leave the beaches, head into the hotels and apartments and start to get ready for dinner. This gave me a nice view of the buildings and streets with not many people walking.

The harbor of the town houses quite an array of yachts and boats, some of which we saw as we were arriving to our destination.

A look across the canal we were traveling on. Somewhere in the deep blue of the hills the day was coming to an end.

After dinner I took one final stroll around the old town, and snapped this images of the bay with the hotels in the background and the moon hovering above the scenery. Good night Korcula.

The End

This is the end of this travelogue, but it won't be the last summer series I will post during the coming months. Our next vacation has already been planed and booked, but more on that in July.

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