This little adventure dates back some time, but I never released the whole set of images that accompany it. The river Sanica is a small mountain river that flows in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It springs underneath the mountain Prenj, which you can see in the first image.

From our weekend-house that is located in these mountains, you can take a hike deep into the nature, into uncharted territory so to speak in order to get to the spring of the river. In this first part I'll show you the images that lead along the existent road, while part two will cover most of the deep-nature photography.

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Along the way, the river flows by your side, and is the main source of direction to the spring.

On the other side of the road, you can see the mountains, enclosing the valley.


The journey was taken by me, my good friend and her dog Boa. While we had to take care of, where we walked, she had no problems stepping into the ice cold river and refreshing herself.


On some parts of the way, the fresh mountain river comes out of the mountain walls, creating drinkable fountains.

As we moved up the river, it became wilder and faster.

As I said, there is some part of this way that is covered with actual road, maybe 2 miles. The rest of the good, 3 miles trip, is in bare deep woods territory. More on that in part two.

As we move further to the spring, nature becomes more strange and big. In some parts you can really feel that this is no place were you should be trapped in at night.

Part Two will cover the rest of the journey to the river spring. You will see much more deep nature, as we start to uncover just how unpredictable this adventure is going to be...


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