Recently I took some shots of my mom's old recipe notebook for this blog, and I promised to go back and actually make some of the recipes. And we did, mainly focusing on deserts. I'll try to go through them all and say something about each. Of course, not all of these recipes originate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, some are of oriental origin.

click on the images for a bigger view

The first two images show a desert called Cupavci which roughly translated means "something furry". The name probably comes from the fact that the coconut flakes resemble a furry coat. They are cake squares (made with oil, not butter), that are moist. Then they are dipped in a chocolate milk mixture and then covered with coconut shreds or flakes. Super yummy.

Next up, we have Baklava and the rounded Ruzica. Both taste similar they are made with Phyllo Dough. that is filled with a nuts mixture, and then covered with a sugar syrup, that makes both super moist and sweet.

On the next image, you'll see Kadaif, a Turkish Desert, also made with nuts and the special pastry called Kadaif.

The two following images show Breskvice which means Peaches. They are the round cakes on the right side. First you make a round shaped outer biscuit, then you scrape the inside out and add peach extract to it, and then you fill the biscuit rounds with the filling. Also, very moist and delicious. One of my favorites.

Lastly we have Sape, that translated mean Paws. They are a moist cookie (but not so much, they don't crumble), covered in powdered sugar.

I hope you like these images and the traditional deserts depicted. If you have any questions or recipe requests let me know in the comments below.


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