It's nothing big or special, but it is something that I have to have on weekends. During the work week I don't have time to really dwell on this, but there is nothing better then a slow breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

It's a soft boiled egg, with sea salt flakes, fresh home-made bread and soft butter. Now, I do realise that I don't have to type down a recipe for boiled eggs, but when it comes to mine, I like them soft boiled. I take an egg that is at room temperature, and put it for 4 1/2 minutes in boiling water. What that gives you, is a firm egg white and a soft, creamy egg yolk. I then put some soft sea salt flakes on the opened egg, and then dip buttered bread inside to scoop everything up.

It's a little pleasure, maybe not even worth talking about, but I do believe that, if something so little can give you so much pleasure, then go for it.

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Do you have weekend pleasures, or some small things that give you big joy?


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