If you missed part one of our adventure to the spring of the river Sanica, then click here. We left part one on the entrance into the deep wild of the mountains, and part two will lead us through them, straight to the inevitable end of our journey.

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There is something so calming, humbling and at the same time striking when you stand in a deep forest. On one side you feel like you belong with nature on the other side the fear of the unknown seeps to the surface. I kept standing in front of these trees, gazing deep into the forest, wondering what lies in the distance.

 The river has now become our only source of direction, since the road comes and goes.

And then we arrived at a place, where we knew that this was the wild. The powerful river has cut the way. As I am taking this picture, I'm standing on one shore, looking to the other side. The water is not very deep, but it's an ice cold mountain river.

Of course the river is shallow in some places, and the cold is no problem, whatsoever for Boa. She is jumping happily into the river.

"Goodbye Guys, see you on the other side!" :)

Us being city kids, we were not prepared for this. In order to cross to the other side, we had to take off our shoes and socks, because we knew, that more of the road was still to come.

And then there is this view, when you cross the river. In the distance, the road begins again, but a climb over the big rocks is necessary to get to it. Again, no problem for Boa!

Having made our climb, we looked down. The river is moving fast down the mountains.

Before we arrive at the spring of the river, small waterfalls await us. These were made by men, since, parts of the spring are used as fresh water supply for the local villages.

We are now in a small valley where the waterfall is. All around us is forest. Deep, green and beautiful.

But the climb is not over. This was our final test: a long steep climb over big rocks. The road is almost non existent, since it's constantly being washed away by water. The river is on the right side of us on this image (you can't see it here). We are still following the stream.

And then we come to the destination of our journey. The spring of the river Sanica. So cold, deep blue and a wonderful sight.

Somewhere above, the mountains give us a peek of the sky, and let us know of the world that is left outside.

I'll leave you with this image of the spring. The colors are amazing. I have never seen such versions of blue before. You can drink the water. It's so cold and refreshing.

I hope that you have enjoyed both parts of this adventure. It's a trip we made a while back, and I hope to undertake it again one day. Until then I'm left with the memories of a wonderful day trip.


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