There is something mysterious about the night. Everything seems different somehow when the harsh day light vanishes and the comforting veil of darkness swallows the surroundings.

I made shots like these before (Click here and here to view them). The difference between those and these here, is that these shots have been taken in the middle of the night. The only light source was the full moon shining with all its power on this small harbor.

Long exposure shots at night require a tripod, and of course some sort of light. They can transform a dark vision into a glorious light filled and glowing scenery.

click on the images for a bigger view

This second shot features a 30 sec exposure, that captured the trails of a small fishing boat, that was on his way to the other coastline.

Have you tried long exposure photography? Do you like light trails on images? Would love to know what your experiences are/were.

P.S. Blogger has really decided to reduce the quality on upload with these shots. There is a lot of artifacts here, that are not visible on the original full sized images.


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