I'm very excited to share with you something that happened recently. I was contacted by a friend of mine, who told me that the United Nations Environment Programme was working together with the Forestry and Environmental Action to create a charity sale of photographs, where all the proceeds would go into the reconstruction of a kindergarden in the city of Maglaj in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was recently destroyed by the floods in Bosnia.

The sale was held in the Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo on June 5th. I was not able to attend but I was sent some images from the sale, to show to you here. I was also told that my images were the first to be sold. :)

Here are the images that got sold:

Here are a couple of images from the sale:

My four images:

I was glad to be able to participate in this charity sale, and gladly gave my images to be sold. I don't really sell my images, mostly because photography is a hobby of mine and not my source of income, but it was nice to be able to help and I hope that the proceeds raised on this day helped the reconstruction of the kindergarden.

Thank you all for stopping by. Have a great Sunday. I'm double excited because my country is participating in the World Cup 2014, and tonight is the first game! The whole country is up and ready for the game and I want to wish our team the best of luck. It really is a huge accomplishment to get into the World Cup at all, so whatever happens everyone is very proud already. And Beni is ready too...


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