In part two we continue our stay in the mountains. After climbing down the hill, we reached the valley. Here the air was much colder, because we traveled so far in the mountain slopes. In these parts there are no houses, just land and woods. It was quite comforting to be there.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: The Journey into the Valley
Part Two: Still life in the Valley
Part Three: Return through the Forest
Part Four: Lunch and the drive Home

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The pine woods on each side of the way greeted us on our way out of the slopes and into the valley.

It's quite impressive to be here, and to see all of this in person. Images can downsize everything, and also, we are used to see different landscapes through the internet, but there really is something in standing at the edge of a wast landscape and gaze into the distance.

Two trees in a, otherwise bare landscape.

This is the only house in the valley, and even this is not inhabited. I really don't know if it's used or what it is used for, as I couldn't figure it out by things we saw. The only thing I noticed were broken windows.

Of course this spot did lend itself for some portraits too,

A mountain cabin was located on the hills. The furthest house in the valley that's lived in.

Then we came upon this mini lake, and I wondered how it got to be and how it was formed.

Stepping away from it, it became clear: A fresh water spring was flowing freely and the rest of the water was collecting in the basin nearby.

And so our stay in the valley concluded and the long way up through the forest became visible. But more on that in part three...

I hope you enjoyed part two of our mountain adventure, if you have please check out the other parts listed on the top of this post.


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