There is so much to gaze upon during the winter season. While most are cocooned in their homes, waiting for spring, others, myself included, feel the need to venture out and see what the season has to offer. The images in this post were taken during different times, from many locations in the region where I live, but they have one thing in common: winter skies.

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Winter skies can be fresh, crisp and clear, with the soft light blue punctured by icy sun rays that somehow never bring the heat to the earth.

On the other side, winter skies are messy, busy and eventful with lots of movement and a blue sky veiled by a soft white cloud bank and proud puffy clouds dotted over it.

Lastly, winter skies are damp and still. The complete opposite of  the first type. No blue sky, no sun. Just a mysterious white cloud bank, that engulfs the landscape and swallows the sun, which is trying to peak from underneath.

From blue to white, from clear to full, winter skies have their charm and specific look. Right now we are enjoying a mixture of all, white heavy winter weather in the morning, and bright skies during the day. Thank you all for stopping by!


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