Yesterday I mentioned our city park where I took the star trail photos, which I also posted yesterday (click here if you haven't seen them). In this post I want to show more about the park itself. I have taken many  images here during daylight, but haven't taken shots at night. That's why I thought that it was high time to catch up on that.

click on the images for a bigger view

The blossoms have already bloomed in the park and at night they create for a very interesting sight. In the background the city lights are flickering.

Inisde the park a golden statue of Bruce Lee can be found. Engraved below stands "Bruce Lee -Your Mostar". It was unveiled on November 26th of 2005. The life-sized statue stands 1.68 meters tall and is a symbol of solidarity in the ethnically divided city. Lee, who was an American of Chinese descent and a famous martial arts actor, represented a bridging of cultures. The statue was the first public monument to Bruce Lee unveiled in the world, with a statue in Hong Kong being revealed one day later marking what would have been the Chinese star's 65th birthday.

A wide shot of the park at night. In the distance you can see the old bank building, that was destroyed in the war, and hasn't been sold and privatized from the public sector since then.

The nightly stroll through the city will continue. In another post I will show you the high school I went to (it's the orange building that I recently posted and some people asked about) and the Spanish Square at night.


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