I promised a while back that I would do some star trail photography, because the Canon 6D allows for that with the "Blub" mode. Now I'm able to hold that promise.

Last night I went out to shoot some new material (more on that later), and stopped by the city park. The sky was bright and clear, and you could see the stars well. I set everything up, took the shots, and these are the first two results.

click on the images for a bigger view

For the first exposure the shutter stayed open for 11 minutes. F-stop 8, ISO 100, 50 mm

This second one was shorter. Shutter stayed open for 2:30 minutes. F-stop 8, ISO 100, 50 mm

I will do a tutorial on this subject matter soon, and explain how you can get images like these. Also I will try it out more myself. The park last night wasn't an ideal place to do this, I will talk about that more in the tutorial. But I think that the images came out nicely.

Small Update: New Blog Feature

I wanted to quickly add this to this post. From now you can directly subscribe to this blog with your e-mail address!

Simply type your e-mail address into the form on the right side of this blog, and click Submit.

You will be given automatic updates on your e-mail whenever a new post is uploaded, and won't miss any new content. I know that the blog feed can sometimes be very crude, and I think that this is a easy and simple way to stay in touch. Feel free to subscribe right away, it only takes a couple of seconds.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you like the images from today's post, more night photography from Mostar to follow soon.


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