It has been quite dark here in the month of February so far. The "Sarajevo at Night" Series was very moody and atmospheric, that's why I feel the need to venture out into the light and brighter days.

This week's theme at the "Friday My Town Shoot Out" blog is "Entrances". I chose the entrances into the fortress of St. Michael in Sibenik, Croatia. It was a beautiful end of a summer day, as my sister and I climbed (the rather steep) hill in the middle of Sibenik to the fortress. Having arrived, beautiful sights waited for us: from the town bathed in the setting sunlight, to the remains of the walls of the fortress waiting to be climbed on.

click on the images for a bigger view

For entrances into a very different fortress, please click here to view our visit the the Fortress of St. Nikola. It was one of those places that after you view them, you don't ever forget. The next two images are from that fortress, but more can be found in the link above.


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