We continue our stay in nightly Sarajevo. Moving away from the Bascarsija, the old part of the city, we reach the modern city center and the BBI Shopping Mall. Sarajevo is always filled with people, weather it is the weekend or a work day. What's interesting is that many people live in the center and that it's not only a place where different businesses reside.

This is a multi part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Stories from the Dark
Part Two: Life in the City
Part Three: Far from the Lights

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The city is always filled with people, no matter the day during the week, but on the weekends, such it was this night, a lot of people crowd the streets and local pubs and cafe's.

Husein Hasani (Born on December 22nd 1931, died on January 6th 2014) was the last shoeshiner of the city. He was popular with the people of the city and beyond, and was known by all as "Cika Miso" (translated: Uncle Misho). After he died, this little memorial was placed in his honor. He truly represented the spirit of goodness in humanity and was a symbol of the city.

We arrive on the square in front of the BBI Shopping Mall. Before the war this square housed another Shopping Mall called "Sarajka" (which translated means "a woman from Sarajevo"). It was torn down, because of its old design and replaced by this big new mall on the left side of this next image.

We leave the center and move further into the night. In the distance the new Parliament Building lights up the night, now only a reminder of the war from the early 90s, and siege of this city.

In the last part we will see the city from a different perspective. Called "Far from the Lights" the finale will explore other parts of the city, bathed in the darkness, that is punctuated by the lights of the city center in the distance.


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