I fully realize that the photo-blog is almost turning into a food-blog, with the amount of recipes I'm posting recently, but please bear with me. This here is  a recipe for a drink. The method is easy and the ingredients are few. This is my "Sunny Morning" cocktail, something I have discovered for myself, and that I really like to make on the weekends or whenever I need something refreshing and fruitful.

The recipe that follows is non-alcoholic, first, because I don't drink alcohol in general, but also since adding alcohol would somehow diminish its title. :) This of course doesn't mean that you can't turn this into a alcoholic cocktail.

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Let me show you first what we'll be creating.

Ingredients are few but good (this makes 1 "Sunny Morning" cocktail):
- 2 oranges (or 1 if you have a big orange)
- 2-3 shots of pomegranate syrup
- lots of ice
- water to top of your glass

Slice your oranges and juice them. Tip: Before juicing, cut up one thick slice for garnish later, and juice the rest!

Pour into your glass and add your ice.

Now add the pomegranate syrup. This is very sugary and sweet, so be careful not to add to much.  I sort of eyeball it by my glass, But i recon it's 2-3 shots or tablespoons of this. I love the deep red swirls you get when adding this to the orange juice and ice.

Top off your glass with water. This is important, because you need to water down the syrup, otherwise it will be too sweet. Give it a good shake, until it comes out pinkish.

Garnish with a slice of juicy orange, or serve straight up. This goes well with breakfast, brunch or as a midday refreshment.

I hope that you liked this post and the images inside and that you'll also make this, since it's so easy and you usually have all of these ingredients on stand by. Thanks for stopping by.


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