I wanted to write an add-on to last years post about autumn in our garden. While some blossoms are to be seen here and there around the city, nature is still sleeping. Our garden has been mostly still standing during the winter months, and the open space that is there, is used by our dog Beni for jumping around and playing.

click on the images for a bigger view

The only plants that are still fresh are the various herbs planted here and there, like the Rosemary in this first image.

Beni is in full play mode, often hiding behind the house. When we have sunny mornings and afternoons he likes to sunbathe outside.

Or wait for me to throw him a ball...

... and go after it...

...and proudly return it.

I quite like this little portrait of him, because of the patterned background.

In the post from last year, I mentioned the little house that we were building next to the main one. Back then it was unfinished inside, but now we have completed all of the major works inside. The floors are installed, the walls have been painted, and...

... we have selected the wallpaper in the main bedroom. Everything is mostly white and bright, but one of the walls in the bedroom contrasts that with a olive green wallpaper, that my mom selected.


The furniture is hand crafted and in the works, I'll update you again when there is more to tell.

So that's it for today. Thanks for coming along, I know these are not the most exciting images, but it is our life at the moment. I have a trip planed to Vienna, Austria next weekend, and I'm looking forward to the change of pace and the images I'll take. But there will be more new content here until then. 


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