This last part of the night Series from Sarajevo is very different from the other two. These images here are far away from the city center. Gone is the traffic, the people and the bright lights. What remains are intimate cityscapes along the river Miljacka, glimpses of residential buildings, and a couple of shots that show the pulsating life of the city in the distance.

This is a multi part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Stories from the Dark
Part Two: Life in the City
Part Three: Far from the Lights

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As I have written in Part One, the Vilsonovo lane is closed for cars after 5 o'clock. Usually lots of people walk here after sunset, but since the night was colder the street was bare.

The Avaz Tower in the distance. Owned by the national newspaper "Avaz", which means "The Voice", this building houses offices, a restaurant as well as a look out spot on top of the building.

Entrance to a bridge crossing the river Miljacka. This is one of the many bridges on this river, and also the one that is the newest.

The Vilsonovo Lane in its full glory.

This was taken just outside our apartment. The streets are empty and a spooky atmosphere has covered the surroundings. The city sleeps, waiting for the sun to rise on another day...

Thank you all for visiting and I truly hope that you have enjoyed this series.


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