What I love about my city is the sense of unity. Our differences have always been skin deep, but the things that are equal to all, go to the core. This here is a new tradition in my city, and should rather be called "Annual Chocolate Mess" when translated literally. It originated out of an incident really, where local hooligans, after a soccer game "messed" up the city over night, destroying and breaking everything that came in their way.

The community reacted appropriately, and instead of being associated with that mess, passed it on quickly to another kind of mess: Chocolate Mess. That happened in 2012, and now it has become a tradition in Mostar.

The people of the city, from all walks, nationalities and backgrounds, gather on the Spanish Square (the popular city square) and share chocolate with each other. I love the sense of togetherness and love that is being shared, and of course, the chocolate isn't a bad side effect either.

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Wish you all a happy weekend ahead!


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