The days are starting to get shorter, colder winds are slowly passing through the land, and it is clear: we are on yet another seasonal change. As summer is slowly moving away, the days of beach-fun, traveling and relaxing seem to move away with it. But right now the most beautiful things are happening. Nature is changing in front of our very eyes. It is happening so slow that we rarely stop to notice it. Mostly by the time it's transformed and bare and cold tree branches see the light of the day, we start to notice it. The transition we miss.

Because of that I want to share my favorite autumnal images with you, and I hope they will be of inspiration for the the new season ahead.

15 Glorious Sights of Autumn:

1. Entering the Woods

2. Leftovers

3. Sprinkles

4. Looking Up

5. Potpourri

6. A Walk in the Park

7. Shine On

8. Overlook

9. Ruby Seeds

10. Hanging On

11. Rushing Off

12. Sneaking a Peak

13. Mountain Views

14. Reflections on the Lake

15. Gold

What does the start of the fall season look like in your corner of the world?


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