These locations are found far from towns and main roads. They are places that I have either discovered by accident or by venturing far out into uncharted territory (and sometimes both).

I think there is solace to be found in going far and exploring destinations off the beaten track. You won't find much people there and the sights are mostly unique. Of course there are rules you must follow:
- never go alone,
- have your phone with you (sometimes that doesn't help though, when really remote), and
- tell someone who's not coming with you, where you're going
- have water and something to eat with you

For today's post I decided to share my favorite destinations off the beaten track, collected over the years.

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Making a Wrong Turn

My friends and I wanted to visit the nearby fortress that day, which you can see in the first image below. We missed the (very hidden) path that leads up the hill to the fortress, and kept walking down the "main" road, looking for the way. After we realized that this was not the way, we eventually returned. But having ventured so far out into the fields, we also found this place to be unique and got a shot from the fortress from a new perspective, that I hadn't seen before.

As the Sun sets over the City

This is a remote location above Mostar, to which I always come to, when in need for some sunset photography of hills and mountains. This is also the place from which I took most of the footage for my "Going to Sleep" Timelapse video. It's a place to too far from home, but still far enough that the spirit of adventurous travel gets you.

In the Valley

The mountains can be a great place to discover locations off the beaten track. Most times, it only takes a couple of steps off the main path to see something new. Just like in the case of the valley of the mountain Rujiste. These two shots were taken far away from any roads, and we just love the results. It really payed off to venture out.

Adventure to the River Spring

Talk about a destination off the beaten track. There is no track here at all. Only the river, which guides you to its spring. This is the river Sanica, that flows in the deep regions of the mountain Prenj in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The woods are so deep here, and you can only hear sounds of the forest. The hike through mother nature takes about one hour from the main road. The sights are priceless. You can find our whole adventure to the river spring in this two-part series here (including what we discovered when we arrived to the spring!)

Dusk in the Bay

A remote beach location is the perfect way to decompress and unwind. In this case, the beaten track is somewhat present, but most of the locations in the Zablace Bay are remote from the city and main road. And when you are there during sunset (or in this case dusk), you will be rewarded with some really cool sights.

I hope your journeys take you somewhere new and undiscovered.

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