The Summer heat is not going anywhere anytime soon in Mostar. Most of our days here are filled with work during the day and staying sheltered in the house in the rest of it. Of course such a lifestyle has an effect on our little furry friend Beni as well. Even he (who usually loves the outside and hanging out in the garden), goes back inside the house when he senses the heat on his head. 

Unfortunately, the nights have been wearing us out as well, with the air conditioning running pretty much 24 hours each day. And while the promise of a cool late summer season lingers in the air, we are still left coping with the heat until cooler times arrive.

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Peaking out the windows is essential as potential intruders could march into the garden and into the main house. Watchful as always, Beni will bark as friends and family approach my little house here :) In truth he is very much happy about each visitor.

The late afternoon provides a small drop in temperature. That's when going out into the garden is most enjoyable. We go for walks when the days are not too hot. But when the heat wont disappear late into the night, playing in the garden is the only option. Thankfully he is small and the garden big, so jumping, playing and running are always an option.

I tried going up close to him with my new wide angle lens, and managed to get a couple of these distorted looks, which I think look interesting. Works very well on animals (people not so much, and yes I have tried).

As the heat rages on, we go back inside the house, waiting for nightfall and fresh summer evenings. Hopefully they won't take too long to get here.


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