Today we are taking it easy. When the cold autumn days get that one bit too grey and rainy, I yearn for the comfort and relaxation of the green from nature. So for today I chose to post 15 relaxing nature images that I have collected over the years. If you are stressed or simply in need for some relaxation, I truly hope that these will do the trick.

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1. Golden fields

2. Little White and Yellow Dots

3. The Calm from Within

4. Ruby in the Sky

5. The Grandness of Nature

6. Fruits of the Season

7. In the Orchard

8. Solitude

9. The Busy Stream

10. Overlooking

11. As the cold closes in

12. Plump and ripe

13. In the Mountains


14. Arrival

 15. Piercing the Green

Thank you all for stopping by! I wish you a relaxed day.

Let me know in the comments below, which sight from nature you liked the most!


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