I often get mails and comments from potential tourists and visitors saying that they have seen an image on this blog or a post and they want to know where that is and how they can get there. And after answering I thought that I should do something to showcase these destinations in a better way. Sure, if you go to the menu of this blog under "Travels" -> "Bosnia and Herzegovina" you will find all posts related to this country, but it's not easy to keep track of it.

Sebilj, a wodden fountain in Bascarsija, the old town of Sarajevo

That's why I created a Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide on this blog, which you can find under "About Me" -> "Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide". It's a constantly updated page, that not only lists the blog posts by city and region, but also provides an updated map which shows where the places are located that I talk about.

At the spring of the Buna river in Blagaj

Now it's much easier to plan a route or trip and I hope to update the page and continue growing it. I made it a while back, but I never talked about it in extent. On the side of the blog you will always find a small promo image for that page. Just click it and it will get you there (or use the menu). I hope this will be of good use to many.

You can find the complete and updated Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide here

Peaking out of the main tower of Pocitelj town

 Where I'm linking to


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